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Javier Yranzo

One of the most famous digital marketing trainers in Chile and LATAM


If you're stuck finding creators and agencies for your Brand's Content, I believe this can cut your costs in HALF and increase the quality and quantity of User generated Video content by 2X.Jaw Dropping Ads takes pride in producing quality videos, UGC & Branded Content and pushing our creativity to the limits.

TikTok Kings

Welcome at the Tik Tok Kings – community for e-commerce entrepreneurs!
This group is for e-commerce entrepreneurs that wants to scale to 100K+ months. We will learn you our strategy so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.
Most groups promise a lot and deliver a little, but this group is different.
Here is a part of what you can expect:
🔥 Exclusive content and training available for ONLY members of this group
🔥 Real-life student interviews with our best customers
🔥 Regular interviews with world-class experts
🔥 Giveaways (because who doesn’t like free material)

Oday Zakaria Al-Shammas

I am Odai Al-shammas, an expert in the field of digital marketing with more than 10 years of experience in the field. I established The Final Arrow to put all my experiences in one place and I hired experts in this field to become now one of the best companies in providing everything related to digital marketing and programming. We are now distinguished by providing advertising services on the Tik Tok platform and we train all customers on the platform to ensure that we get the best results.

Wajahat Shah

This is Wajahat, Tiktok Growth Strategist. Helped many DTC brands, Shopify Plus Partners, scale their Tiktok ads from 4 figures to 7 figures in ad spend each month. If you are struggling with scaling Tiktok ads, don't spend on ads without knowing how to do it. Instead, cast someone who got their hands dirty in scaling Tiktok ads. If you genuinely need help scaling, let's have a 1-1 call for FREE. Please shoot me a message on Linkedin by clicking on the link below. Thank you


CJdropshipping is a globally recognized dropshipping supply chain platform that provides comprehensive services including product sourcing, warehousing, and fulfillment to sellers.
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Ecomdy Media - The best official TikTok Agency for Ecommerce.


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For business opportunity:

Phạm Trung Nghĩa - [email protected]

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