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Ecomdy is an experienced Tech Startup based in Danang, Vietnam. With expertise in advertising strategy, creative video, and cross-border Ecommerce business development on TikTok.

With expertise and enthusiasm, Ecomdy constantly strives to help customers achieve their goals and wishes each customer to be a strategic partner. We accompany you on the business development path of your business.

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The story about the name Ecomdy

Ecomdy wishes to develop businesses in the international market. The name Ecomdy is a message:

"Let's start doing Ecommerce!" - "Let's Ecomdy!"

name Ecomdy

is derived from cross-border Ecommerce

name Ecomdy

is from the word "đi" pronounced in Vietnamese means "Let's do it"

name Ecomdy

Go Viral - Go Global Together

Mission and Vision Statements

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mission statements


Helping and creating opportunities for thousands of young people to successfully develop cross-border Ecommerce Businesses.

vision statements


With a team of highly qualified personnel and optimal platform, Ecomdy constantly strives to be one of the top-tier Agency with the best quality and a reliable companion to customers.

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Ecomdy Media - The best official TikTok Agency for Ecommerce.


HQ: 55 Le Quang Hoa - Danang - Vietnam


- 68 Circular Road #02-01 - Singapore - 049422

- 102 E Healey St #317 - Champaign, IL 61820, USA

- 904#, Mehdi Tower, Sharah e Faisal Rd, Karachi East, Pakistan

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