TikTok Global Winning TikTok Campaign Management 2022
Campaign Management Ecomdy Media
  • January, 2022

    Achieve TikTok Marketing Partner Badge

  • September, 2022

    Ecomdy Media wins the TikTok Campaign Management Cup 2022. See Detail

  • October, 2022

    Ecomdy Media - The very first global “API showcase” of TikTok’s partners in Southeast Asian market.

Achivement A few Ecomdy's development indicators
Years Experience Ecomdy experts can help with wide range of Ecommerce, Orimizing TikTok Ads and Marketing your business.
20K+ Clients In 2022, Ecomdy has supported more than 20K customers who are e-commerce businesses to reach potential customers on TikTok.
58+ Countries Get your TikTok ads reach everyone worldwide without changing your location.
50+ Partners Ecomdy is the official partner of TikTok for Business and famous ecommerce service platforms in the world.
Our team
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Linh Phạm
Linh Phạm CEO Ecomdy Media
Tony Nguyễn
Tony Nguyễn CTO
An Phạm
An Phạm Business Director
  • Technical
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Back Office
Hiếu Trương
Hiếu Trương Frontend Leader
Tâm Đỗ Tài
Tâm Đỗ Tài Frontend Developer
Vân Anh
Vân Anh Frontend Developer
Long Lê
Long Lê Frontend Developer
Sơn Vũ
Sơn Vũ Backend Leader
Tuyền Trần
Tuyền Trần Backend Developer
Long Ngô
Long Ngô Backend Developer
Trâm Đào
Trâm Đào QC/QA Leader
Hoài Thương
Hoài Thương QC Engineer
Thúy Hằng
Thúy Hằng QC Engineer
Vũ Nguyễn
Vũ Nguyễn UX/UI Designer
Nhi Nguyễn
Nhi Nguyễn Account manager Leader
Dora Nguyễn
Dora Nguyễn Account manager
Tina Lê
Tina Lê Account manager
Kim Hoàng
Kim Hoàng Account manager
Hana Lê
Hana Lê Account manager
Tammy Trương
Tammy Trương Account manager
Nghĩa Phạm
Nghĩa Phạm Account manager
Hà Mai
Hà Mai Customer Support Leader
Thảo Nguyễn
Thảo Nguyễn Customer Support
Phương Thùy Trần
Phương Thùy Trần Customer Support
Lan Anh Hoàng
Lan Anh Hoàng Customer Support
Kathy Hồ
Kathy Hồ Partnership Manager
Thiều Võ
Thiều Võ Marketing Leader
Duyên Trần
Duyên Trần Performance Marketing
Mai Lê
Mai Lê Marketing
Nam Hoàng
Nam Hoàng Marketing
Phong Phạm
Phong Phạm Project Manager
Trinh Đỗ
Trinh Đỗ TikTokShop Specialist
Trang Lê
Trang Lê TikTok
Celine TikTok
Thơ Phạm
Thơ Phạm Human Resources/Admin
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn Designer
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
Ecomdy Media events attended
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