Refund Policy

This refund policy shall regulate criterias, rights and obligations applied to Users who are a subject to be refunded. Users are advised to check the Refund Policy and other terms set out in the Website from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact Users, and if Users do not accept such amendments, you must cease using the services. Your continual use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.

You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained or referenced in these Terms of before you access the Website and use Ecomdy Media’s Services.

The following terms shall provide details of our refund policy

Section 1 - Who is Subject to be Refunded

Ecomdy Media shall refund the remaining balance of advertising accounts to Users if Users comply with TikTok’s policies and Ecomdy Media’s terms in the Website.

Ecomdy Media does not commit that the full balance on advertising accounts will be refunded to Users because the refund depends on User’s activities and behaviors while using TikTok and Ecomdy Media’s Services. If Users receive a warning from TikTok that causes any damages including but not limited to finance, brand name to TikTok and/or Ecomdy Media, Users shall compensate for their faults with an amount of $ 200 and/ or actual damage incurred to Ecomdy Media.

Users understand that the refund shall be based on TikTok’s policies also. Thus, if User’s remaining balance shall not be a subject to be refunded or transferred in accordance with TikTok’s policies, Ecomdy Media shall inform Users.

Section 2 - Refund Method

Ecomdy Media shall refund the balance to Users by payment method and currency that Users used to transfer to Ecomdy Media.

Ecomdy Media shall send a refund notification including the amount of refund, payment information and transaction timeline to Users. If Ecomdy Media does not receive any feedback from User within 1 business day from the date of receiving the refund notification, Ecomdy Media implicitly understands that Users agree with all information in the refund notification and Ecomdy Media shall not be responsible for any relevant issues.

Section 3 - Contact

Any questions and comments to Ecomdy Media, please kindly send feedback to us as below:

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